The Civil Rights Movement, In Current Context

Someone posted on FB, defending the violent looting and pillaging that is happening in American cities right now. He compared MLK’s protest tactics, such as blocking a major road or a highway, to the violence that is happening right now. And for me a rant ensued. Here is that rant.

The civil rights movement ended in affirmative action, an expansion of the welfare state, followed by the drug war, and how did it turn out for blacks? They got to vote, got greater illegitimate children, got more broken families and welfare mothers, got gangsta rap and ghettos, got more aborted black babies than ever, got an infestation of gangs and drugs in their communities and lost their best chance of truly integrating into American society.

Oh but blacks got affirmative action and welfare benefits and college assistance programs. GTFO. Before all this crap black people were just like the other immigrants, they were quietly doing what they needed to do and they were close knit and taking care of themselves. You don’t hear Mexicans or Chinese or Japanese (who were outwardly, visibly oppressed during WWII) whining because the media isn’t meddling with them. They are living their lives and taking care of themselves.

Blacks are literally the only race it’s sensitive to be racist around. Every other race gets made fun of in the media. That’s by design. Don’t think this race tension is anything other than manipulation. Anyone who thinks what MLK did was admirable needs to look at both sides. The black community is worse off. 60 years after the civil rights movement began and the media is still able to pretend there is an honest race war going on. [Facebook User] you’re either brainwashed or a troll. And if you think blacks need more sympathy and more help you hate blacks.

This is a good topic for a series.